*Updated* Manage Windows machines with remote Windows shell on Ubuntu Linux with winexe

In a previous post I showed how to manage windows machines remotely with winexe. http://boreditguy.com/blog/?p=160

Well a comment on the post informed me that wmi-client and winexe were removed from the Ubuntu Jaunty repositories.  This would definitely keep me from upgrading to Jaunty without it.

Well don’t fear, I’ve made a workaround.

Download winexe from here http://boreditguy.com/blog/data/winexe-static-081123.bz2

Extract the bz2 to your desktop.

Make winexe executable:

sudo chmod a+x Desktop/winexe-static-081123

Rename it to winexe

mv Desktop/winexe-static-081123 Desktop/winexe

Copy it to /usr/local/bin

sudo cp Desktop/winexe /usr/local/bin

That’s it, you can run winexe to connect to windows machines now.

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