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Aww…how cute, Internet Explorer gets offended when you download Google Chrome



Confirmed: Windows 10 will have native FLAC support



In a tweet from Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, Microsoft is throwing out spoilers again.  This time they showed a screenshot showcasing Windows Media Player in Windows 10 playing music with the FLAC audio format.

Keen eyed will notice something cool about this pic. Something to look forward to in the new year!

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Mischievious Prank: Change Windows Wallpaper…and keep it that way


Your friend leave their Windows computer unlocked?  Want to change their wallpaper?  Want to make it change back to your wallpaper every time they log into their computer?  Well, here’s your guide…

So, with Windows you can set the wallpaper via the command line.  We’re going to abuse this feature and create a batch file that runs on each logon to set the user’s wallpaper.  What this means is that even if they change it, once they reboot or logoff/logon, it’ll change back to your evil wallpaper.  Good luck figuring out how to undo this if you’re an un-tech savy victim of this prank.

First, with access to your victim’s machine you’ll need to download the wallpaper you want to use.  How about something with the one true god, Nick Cage himself?  ( if you’re the sensitive type and don’t get the joke)

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New Malware Targeting Password Managers


Cyber criminals have started targeting the password managers that protect an individual’s most sensitive credentials by using a keylogger to steal the master password in certain cases, according to research from data-protection company IBM Trusteer.

The research found that a configuration file, which attackers use to tailor the Citadel trojan for specific campaigns, had been modified to start up a keylogger when the user opened either Password Safe or KeePass, two open-source password managers. While malware has previously targeted the credentials stored in the password managers included in popular Web browsers, third-party password managers have typically not been targeted.

While the current impact of the attack is low, the implications of the attacker’s focus is that password managers will soon come under more widespread assault, Dana Tamir, director of enterprise security for IBM Trusteer, told Ars Technica.

“Once the malware captures this master key, then they can use that master key to exercise complete control over the machine and any of the user’s online accounts,” she said.

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