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SHODAN – The Computer Search Engine

SHODAN is basically a search engine for nmap scans of the internet.  Right now it’s primarily covering Web servers, FTP server, SSH servers, and Telnet servers.  That’s ports 21, 22, 23, and 80, respectively.

You can search for things like web server versions:


You can also narrow down the results using the following search parameters:

  • country:2-letter country code
  • hostname:full or partial host name
  • net:IP range using CIDR notation (ex: )
  • port:21, 22, 23 or 80

I imagine this thing will get huge once it takes off….


Remove Ubuntu from Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot configuration

I had a need to remove Ubuntu 9.10 from a dual boot configuration with Windows 7, and it was surprisingly simple.  First, download EasyBCD from and install it in Windows 7.

Run EasyBCD and click on Manage Bootloader.  Select Reinstall the Vista bootloader, and then select Write MBR.


At the bottom it will say that a reboot is required to complete.  Before doing that, go to diskmgmt.msc and delete all of your linux partitions.  Reboot and grub is gone and you go straight into windows….