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Aww…how cute, Internet Explorer gets offended when you download Google Chrome



Mischievious Prank: Change Windows Wallpaper…and keep it that way


Your friend leave their Windows computer unlocked?  Want to change their wallpaper?  Want to make it change back to your wallpaper every time they log into their computer?  Well, here’s your guide…

So, with Windows you can set the wallpaper via the command line.  We’re going to abuse this feature and create a batch file that runs on each logon to set the user’s wallpaper.  What this means is that even if they change it, once they reboot or logoff/logon, it’ll change back to your evil wallpaper.  Good luck figuring out how to undo this if you’re an un-tech savy victim of this prank.

First, with access to your victim’s machine you’ll need to download the wallpaper you want to use.  How about something with the one true god, Nick Cage himself?  ( if you’re the sensitive type and don’t get the joke)

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VMware: We don’t need no stinkin’ spell check

Recently I had to perform what I assume is normally a routine task with maintaining a VMware infrastructure, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever had to do it before.  The infrastructure in question is an old vSphere 4.1 cluster still holding out on a v5 upgrade for various reasons.

I was cleaning up some lun space and shuffling around vmdk’s looking to make a little room.  During this cleanup, I needed to rename one of my vmdk files.  That’s when I was awarded with this little gem:

“At the moment, vSphere Client does not support the renaming of virtual disks as the machines that use this disk may loose access to the disk.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.57.41 AM


Gee, I sure would hate to have machines “loose” access to a disk.



Blast from the past: Steve Balmer promotes Windows 1.0


Things you should NEVER bother your IT guy with…

  • Small office electronics (Personal Printers, Calculators, Lamps, iPods or other home electronics) – It’s not their job to look at why your iPod doesn’t work right with your work computer. It could also land you in trouble with your boss.
  • Home Computer Questions – This has to be the number one complaint amongst IT Guys. Just because somebody is an IT Guy doesn’t mean they enjoy answering your home computer questions. If your IT Guy over hears you discussing something and chimes in that’s one thing, but don’t bring in your laundry list of questions and problems. It is not your company’s job to bank roll your IT mishaps- go pay the Geek Squad like everybody else.
  • Pressuring your IT Guy into “doing work on the side.” First off it may violate his or her contract of employment and could wind up getting them in trouble or fired. Secondly, this ones a secret, IT Guys don’t like dealing with home computer BS. We’re very sorry your five year old computer you bought at Sam’s club doesn’t work right and “things keep popping up.” -Again take it to a computer repair shop or find somebody who fixes home computers for a living. We choose to work at a nice big company so we don’t have to go house to house and fix personal computer issues, deal with it.

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Old Spice guy as Luke Cage In Power Man Movie?

Isaiah Mustafa, the guy known for the hilariously awesome Old Spice commercials, has said that he wants the part of Luke Cage in a Power Man movie.   Proving how serious he is, he went to Marvel studios to film his head on the body of Luke Cage, while parodying his own Old Spice spots.


How gamers are seen by the real world…

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Reasons why people who work with computers seem to have a lot of spare time…